Name Degree Specialty Telephone Email
Biliaderis Costas Professor Food Chemistry - Food Physics 0030 2310 991797 (office) & 0030 2310 991716
Gerasopoulos Dimitrios Professor Processing Technology of Horticultural Crops 2310991643
Goula Athanasia Assistant Professor Design of Food Processing 2310991658
Kandylis Panagiotis Assistant Professor Oenology-Alcoholic Beverages 2310991678
Katsanidis Eugenios Assistant Professor Meat & Fish Technology 2310991640
Kotzekidou Parthena Professor Food Microbiology 2310991648
Koutsoumanis Kostas Professor Food Quality Control 2310991647
Lazaridou Athina Assistant Professor Food Physics 2310991671
Michaelidou-Koniordou Alexandra-Maria Associate Professor Human Nutrition 2310991668
Moschakis Thomas Assistant Professor Dairy Technology 2310991680
Mourtzinos Ioannis Assistant Professor Food Chemistry and Analysis 2310991637
Roukas Triantafyllos Professor Food Biotechnology 2310991635