Aside from the educational and research activities, the Department is actively advancing joint projects with the Food Industry, based on the belief that it is useful and necessary for the University to maintain contact and open communication with the Food Industry. This can help in the improvement of the level of the graduating food scientists (e.g. through practical training) and also in the advancement of the Food Industry through the training of its personnel, the solution of technological problems, the development of new products, etc.
An other activity of the Department is the advising of the Consumer on topics related to food safety and quality and on other relevant issues that may draw the attention of the Greek Society. For this reason, the Department in cooperation with other related agencies is organizing periodically meetings open to the public.
Also the Department implements training programmes (Cheese-making Course, Oenology Course) and Educational Courses for elementary schools on nutrition, health and wellbeing.

International Workshop – Symposia

Understanding, measuring and predicting the shelf life of foods : Theory-Applications
27-28 May 2010, Department of Food Science and Technology, University Farm Thermi

Trends in Cereal Science & Technology: Industrial Applications
4-5 February 2008, Department of Food Science and Technology, University Farm Thermi

Historical Cheeses of Countries Arround the Archipelago
6-8 December 2007, Hotel Philippion, Thessaloniki

8th International Meeting on mountain cheeses – Effect of the Production Condition on the Characteristics of Cheeses in Mountain
19-20 June 2006, Conference Centre Diaselo, Metsovo Epirus Greece

Oenology Course 

Educational Nutrition Course 

Cheese-making Course