Laboratory of Dairy Science and Technology

Brief History

The history of the Dairy Technology Laboratory dates back to 1965 when it was established as part of School of Agriculture in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Since 1982, the Laboratory belongs to the Department of Food Science and Technology, founded that same year.
Over the years more members have been added to the Laboratory’s personnel. Aside from the educational and research activities, the Laboratory has always been active towards collaboration with the Dairy Industry. In1990 research staff members of the Dairy Technology Laboratory organized the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Hygiene according to their research specialization.

Fields of knowledge  

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry of milk constituents
  • Analysis of Dairy Products-Dairy Science and Technology
  • Human Nutrition

Research fields

-Biochemistry of milk proteins
-Proteolytic enzymes of milk origin
-Proteolytic enzymes of psychrotrophic bacteria and other microorganisms isolated from dairy products
-Production / manufacture of low-fat cheeses from ovine and caprine milk
-Biochemistry of traditional Greek dairy products
-Determination of free amino acids, amines, organic acids and free fatty acids in dairy products
-Study of components with biological activity
-Novel dairy products with improved dietary properties


Head of Laboratory
Moschakis Thomas, Assistant Professor

Teaching and Research
1. Michailidou-Koniordou Alexandra-Maria, Associate Professor, Human nutrition
2. Moschakis Thomas, Associate Professor, Dairy Technology

Laboratory Assistant Teaching Staff

Administrative and Technical personnel
1. Misirlis Charalampos, Administrative