Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

Brief History

The laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry was established in 1990 as a laboratory unit of the Department of Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture.

Fields of knowledge

  • Food Chemistry-Physical Chemistry of Foods
  • Food Analysis
  • Functional Foods
  • Shelf life assessment of Food Products  

Research fields

Chemistry and physical chemistry of polymeric food carbohydrates (isolation and structural characterization of starch, plant cell wall and microbial polysaccharides; rheology of polysaccharide solutions and gels; interactions with solutes in low moisture food products, starch crystallization in model systems and bakery products). Thermal analysis of food constituents (state and phase transition behavior of food carbohydrates, fats, proteins by thermal analysis and relation to end-product quality and stability).  Mechanical, thermal and gas diffusion properties of water- and polyol-plasticized polysaccharide blends. Edible films and coatings – Nanocomposites of food biopolymers (physicochemical aspects and applications). Low-fat dairy products (processing aspects, rheological and sensory evaluation). Processing and storage effects on stability of food products and their constituents. Food Texture. Functional foods – Nutraceuticals (product design and stability of bioactives).


Head of Laboratory
Lazaridou Athina, Associate Professor

Teaching and Research
1. Lazaridou Athina, Associate Professor, Food Physics
2. Mourtzinos Ioannis, Assistant Professor, Food Chemistry and Analysis
3. Biliaderis Konstantinos, Emeritus Professor, Food Chemistry – Food Physics

Laboratory Assistant Teaching Staff
1. Chatzikamari Magda, Agriculturist-Food Science & Technology, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Administrative and Technical personnel
1. Misirlis Charalampos, Administrative