Laboratory of Food Engineering and Processing

Brief History

The lab was founded in 1926 under the name of «Lab. of agricultural Technology» and belonged to the faculty of agriculture/ School of Life and Mathematical Sciences (law No 3344). In 1982 the lab was transferred to the dept of Agriculture /School of Geotechnical Sciences and in 1999 was renamed to Lab of Food Engineering and Processing of the Dept of Food Science and Technology.

Fields of knowledge

  • Processing and Preservation Technologies of Foods from Plant or Animal Origin
  • Oenology-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Food Engineering

Research fields

Meat Technology
-Development of technology to produce meat products with low fat and additives
-Application of starter and protective cultures in production and storage of meat products
-Improvement of quality of traditional products
Cereal Technology
-Evaluation of wheat cultivars for bread making and pasta
-Production of improved cereal technology materials
Food Biotechnology
-Utilisation of sub production if agricultural industries
-Production of metabolites with the use of microorganisms
-Study of fermentation systems
-Mathematical model application of production of using microorganisms in bioreactors
Oenology-Alcoholic Beverages
-Study of analytical tools for the determination of hazardous compounds and the compounds indicating the origin and the cultivar.
-Study of the of the effects of processing products on wine quality.
-Improvement of traditional distillates
-Study of the distillation systems.
Food Engineering
-Study of transfer in physical processing for better ynderstanding and control.
-Development of new minimal processing lines for better quality and production, simplicity of processing and minimisation of investment and cost of processing.
-Processing of fluids with membane technology for productive condensation and efficient use of difficult off-products
-Application of traditional product technology to industrial processing lines.
-Design and development of novel equipment of food processing in pilot or pre -industrial scale.
Technology of Horticultural Products
-Technology of fresh cut horticultural products.
-Heat treatment, low oxygen effects on antioxidant activity, color retention and development.
-Study of traditional products


Head of Laboratory
Gerasopoulos Dimitrios, Professor

Teaching and Research
1. Gerasopoulos Dimitrios, Professor, Technology of Horticultural Crops
2. Katsanidis Eugenios,  Professor, Μeat Technology
3. Goula Athanasia, Associate Professor, Design of Food Processing
4. Lazaridis Chararambos, Emeritus Professor, Food Engineering

Laboratory Assistant Teaching Staff
1. Fista Glykeria, Agriculturist-Food Science & Technology, M.Sc.
2. Ambatzidis Pavlos, Agriculturist-Food Science & Technology
3. Paschaloudis Nikolaos, Food Technologist

Administrative and Technical personnel
1. Misirlis Charalampos, Administrative