Michaelidou-Koniordou Alexandra-Maria

Alexandra Maria Michaelidou is an Associate Professor in Food Science and Nutrition at the Department of Food Science and Technology, School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of Nutrition and Metabolism, Biochemistry and Food Chemistry. The scientific interests of Alexandra Maria Michaelidou include issues related to Food Science and Nutrition. She investigates the nutritional aspects and health-promoting attributes of food components with biological activity. Her research activities are also focused on the assessment of dietary intake and evaluation of dietary patterns, in relation to health and sustainability outcomes, of targeted population groups. In the past few years, she has been exploring the effects of maternal nutritional status on the compositional profile of human biological fluids during pregnancy. She is the author/co-author of four book chapters, twenty-eight scientific papers in refereed international journals and sixty contributions to national and international conferences. Parallel to her academic duties, she acts as a reviewer for several international scientific journals in the field of Food Science and Nutrition. Alexandra Maria Michaelidou has worked in fourteen research and educational projects. Furthermore, she coordinated and participated in several international committees including: a. National Dairy Committee “Nutrition and Health” in International Dairy Federation (IDF) conferences (Representative), b. Action Team “Appropriate technologies for functional dairy products” of the IDF (Member), and c. Action Team «Up-date of contents of the IDF Nutrition Website» (Member). Her scientific collaborations include public and private partnerships such as food industries, public hospitals, academic and research institutions.

Address: Laboratory of Dairy Science & Technology, Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture Aristotle University, P.O. Box 250, Thessaloniki, Greece 541 24
Status:Associate professor
Specialty:Human Nutrition
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Phone Number: 2310991668